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book | Dr. Scott Young, an Audiologist in Tulsa has been a WWII researcher for decades. 23 years of a practicing Audiologist has allowed him to contact many Holocaust survivors.

Three Raptures


Have you ever wondered why Pre-Tribulation Rapture is talked about and not Post-Tribulation?  Or Pre-Wrath vs. Mid-Tribulation?  What about even what Rapture means?  I spent 34 years studying this topic.

Our Secret Zombie Life


The "Walking Dead" and "Fear of the Walking Dead" by AMC are two of the most popular shows on TV today. George Romero has spun a whole industry of gaming on campuses, computer gaming, and movies that never end the topic of Zombies.

Professor in History

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Matthew is a professor of Archeology at the University of Northern Colorado. He claims to be an atheist who has had multiple lives. He pontificates about them at his lectures to his students. Matthew has a special talent for languages and is fluent in many types of ancient tongues. One of his perceived roles is the break down the faith of the students who mistakenly believe in Christianity, perceiving that since he has remembered those lives, he can recall them with great detail. His world adjusts as he steps out of his tub with a bathrobe in Ancient Israel and is seen as a Jew. He struggles with the language until he can speak it fluently. He meets Jesus of Nazareth who challenges his every view until Matthew feels that he can rewrite the horrible histories written in the name of Christ. Each encounter with Christ takes him deeper into the mind of God and more into his own selfish dreams so that his belief systems are quelled into new ones.