Three Raptures

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Three Raptures

Have you ever wondered why Pre-Tribulation Rapture is talked about and not Post-Tribulation?  Or Pre-Wrath vs. Mid-Tribulation?  What about even what Rapture means?  I spent 34 years studying this topic.  What I found is that if God was to be vengeful, He would pick one of them and stick to it.  That’s not how the God of the Bible does things.  But there is an end point.  The Tribulation is seven years long and has several points of occurrences all trying to reach all the people of the earth.  Do you want to resolve the conflict of Pre-, Post-, or Mid-?  Read this book to find out.

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Inspiration for the book

Pre-Tribulation means prior to the Tribulation a Rapture (Harpazo) occurs.  That means that God takes the Bride away at a moment’s notice.  He takes us away in some level of violence (not hurting us) from this earth because the Spirit needs a new Body to exist in eternity.
The Post-Tribulation Rapture is a position that has garnered much confusion in the church.  Many of the proponents can believe in a Rapture but vehemently disagree with the timeframe and feel that the Pre-Tribbers are leading the church astray.  Nothing could be farther than the truth than this concept.  Both exist in Scripture.  If they do, how can they co-exist together (All Scripture is God breathed…)?  They can and we talk about how in the book.
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