Singing In The Mind
Singing is Universal to All Cultures

Singing In The Mind. A song by Petra (a popular Christian band in the 1980’s and beyond) wrote a Scripturally-based song called LET EVERYTHING THAT HATH BREATH.  Scott thought about that song for years after memorizing the lyrics playing it over and over in college.  He could never find the Scriptural reference, because some of the books of the Bible are difficult to read through.  He had read the Bible over and again, Leviticus and Chronicles were books that slowed him down mentally.  After reading the, he found references that Petra was writing about in II Chronicles 20 that talked about Jehoshaphat led a battle and won with his Singers in the front line.

Singing In The Mind

Physiology of Singing in the Mind

Singing has been misunderstood cortically (in the brain). The Corpus Collosum connects the right and left hemispheres so that they can talk to one another. The right hemisphere is the creative side to all people allowing us to think outside of the box for art, poetry and music. The left hemisphere is the logical and rational side to thinking for math and other complex, linear responses for sciences. All humans operate with both. But singing is one of the very few activities that humans can do that utilizes both hemispheres at once.

Impact of Singing

Many people like to watch their favorite movies over and again. But songs are played hundreds of times in most cultures. They reach deep into your mind and create patterns of thoughts that affect how you consider sex, God, family, and people. Dr. Young researches the affects of those songs to our psychological impact.

Backward Masking and Marketing

In the 1970-80’s many people were studying and preaching against rock and roll for its backward masking talking of Satanic postulates. Backward Masking passes the normal filters but is translated in the brain without the listener realizing it. Today, while popular music still uses Backward Masking to promote their ideas, marketing for products and services have taken up the banner to implant ideas in the listener to change the purchasing habits of all.

Lyric Writing vs. Music

While most people simply state that they like the rhythm or musical styling of their favorite musical artists, lyric writing is also critical to the creation of the Song. Most publishers of popular music don’t consider the messages closely and poorly worded lyrics are the result. But, the lyrics are the end result of the band/singer to indicate the philosophical nature of the artist just as the words written on any page are an understanding into the mind of the Christian writer of a book.

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