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About A Violin’s Secret

The Violin’s Secret is not a revisionist’s view of history. Dr. Scott once took a class in which the students believed that only six million Jews died at the hands of Hitler and his henchmen. Yes, six million did die because Satan wanted to wipe them from the face of the earth. But Hitler also killed five million other undesirables: Catholics who hid Jews; Christians who protested too much about the regime; political prisoners who didn’t fit the Party ideals; Poles, Russians and other Slavic races that Hitler didn’t care about under the Aryan mythology.

This story takes a young boy who believes that his family is in trouble because of his mouthing off at the Hitler Youth leader. His guilt is deep as he survives the great atrocities committed in the 20th century of sixty million deaths during World War II. In most cases people who were a part of the Greatest Generation are at least eighty-eight years old as of 2015. All true stories of these complicated times must be shouted from the rooftops. The Violin’s Secret tells the story of a young child growing into a young man and aging with his own family that he has never told his story to. Now it is time so they will never forget before he passes away.



The Violin

The Holocaust

The Violin
The Violin

What Inspired You to Write It?

One day in 1991 I was watching one of the countless documentaries upon WWII. I saw an image of Auschwitz which chilled me; actually one I had seen many times before but you know when you see it as it was in history. There were rows and rows of symmetrical bunks for thousands of unfortunate Poles, Russians, Jews, Gypsies and other prisoners who opposed in one way or another the Nazi evil that resided in the hearts of normal men who accomplished unspeakable acts. This was the beginning of a short story that later led to a 120 page novel that it is today.

Vision of Why?

God always has a purpose for Why He places creation in one’s heart. I saw the powerful images in the Holocaust Museum in DC. I made my family wait more than an hour longer than they worked through the exhibits while I smelled an actual train that souls died within Germany meant for cattle. The film at the top and the beginning of the exhibits indicated that Germans believed that the Jews had killed Jesus and therefore all Christians believe that Jews are responsible for this death. This is a short sided view that only some have adopted for sure, but real Christians embrace the Jewish heritage of God’s people listed in the Bible. They didn’t kill Jesus, all did throughout time if you begin to understand Scripture. I chose to show a story of a Christian family that worked to save one Jewish family and lost the fight. It is backed up with real history of true heroes to Jewish families that are alive today for a few brave individuals who risked all to save a life.

Why are There Revisionist’s Histories?

The longer an event recedes from the mind of the viewer, the other storytellers want to rush in with their own stories. This occurs with Christian issues, histories and interpersonal relationships. Truth is not in the eye of the beholder necessarily; perspective plays a heavy role in truth retellings.

There are elements in all societies that wish to change the past so that one does not look so bad. This is the major reason for revision of history. One of the interesting characteristics of the Bible is that the characters within them are filled with their own petty lusts, greeds and other variety of failings common to man. Some will intimate that the victors write the histories, and while that is true to some extent; all histories must be examined without bias. Bias is a very hard discussion for all. I have them and so do you. Honesty in one’s bias is the beginning of the truth in a retelling though. I pray that with this book “The Violin’s Secret” one truth of the facts of the Holocaust and WWII will be forever burned into the reader’s memory.

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Ernst is a preadolescence boy living in Nazi Germany.  His father is a craftsman and a strong Christian bringing character with a firm hand in the lad.  Ernst has fallen for his beautiful teacher who has encouraged him to grow educationally and spiritually.  His violin follows him wherever he goes and ultimately keeps him alive in Dachau.

The Violin

Influence on Dr. Young in his Adolescence

A lady named Marie Winship terrified the young Scott when he was 13.  She was a teacher’s aide in English who was remembered for her severity and little else.  When he student taught at 23 years old, she was still at Parker Junior High in Parker, Colorado in the same position.  He had honor to spend most of two days with her listening to stories growing up in Nazi Germany as a Hitler Youth.  She told him that after the war, she was extremely distraught over the lies of the Nazi regime.  Several times she tried to kill herself as a young adult even trying to open a plane door to float to her death.  This story is partially dedicated to the memory of Marie.

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