Here are sites with whom I have much trust personally and would recommend that you check them out:

Young Living Oils

Oils are very old.  They have been used since Ancient Times.  Hyssop (which will be talked about in my newest book upon Zombies) was combined with Cedarwood, Scarlet Yarn and a “clean” bird to remove the spiritual curse of the skin conditions of one who has already been physically healed, according to the Old Testament.  Wendy Young utilizes the best company called Young Living Essential Oils.  She is a Master’s degree nurse of whom has studied oils in depth to create an understanding of what oil combinations are “old wives tales” by health food stores or other sites, and what ones have specific abilities to make a difference in your body for the better.

Do you want to be more more healthy?  Do you want to lose weight (ask about Scott)?  Do you want to know her journey of getting off some medications?

The Plan Bible by Jeff Swanson Ministries

My second book, Singing in the Mind, was only begun after I found the chapter that Jeff Swanson helped me find in his  I could not find the verse that Petra wrote about in their song Let Everything That Hath Breath, until I found it within the in II Chronicles 20.  I could not really read through all portions of the Bible.  I had been through the whole thing at least three times as of 10 years ago but would skip the tough ones such as Chronicles (with all their “so-so begat so-so”) and Leviticus with the difficult rules to know why they are there.  I rectified that error with the PlanBible.  I have used it extensively since.  The Plan Bible organizes either King James Version or NIV to a verse by verse study of each topic; therefore, all the parts about King David are grouped in the same location in his chronological order that he accomplished his life even if that portion is discussed in the New Testament.  Prophecy comes alive when you purchase this eBook only $9.99.  Consider it as well as the videos located on his site.

Sue Reidel…Author, Publisher, and Educator

Sue Reidel came into my life when I had finished writing “The Violin’s Secret”.  She praised me at first making me thing that she wasn’t being real and just buttering me up for something.  It took me a short time to realize that she never does this and is careful with her praise.  She has been instrumental in helping me write.  Her favorite verse for writers is in Habakkuk.  Now the first time that I had even really heard of that book I was a Freshman at the University of Northern Colorado with a guy in the Baptist Student Union.  Steve could spout Scripture off to impress the spiritual girls of his knowledge and he started to speak a verse, of which I just rolled my eyes.  I didn’t with Sue in Hab. 2:1-3:

I will stand at my guard post and station myself on the lookout tower.  I will watch to see what He will say to me and what I should reply about my complaint.  The Lord answered me: write down this vision; clearly inscribe it on tablets so one may easily read it.  For the vision is yet for the appointed time; it testifies about the end and will not lie.  Though it delays, wait for it, since it will certainly come and not be late.

This verse is a running point for Sue to show writers that this is a unique time to get the message out about what the Lord wants to say here.  Sometimes books and movies can be stale when they make Rocky 15 The Geriatric Fight of His Life. With myself being a Tulsa writer, these messages about the Lord help write some of my greatest works.

Jayme West, Speaker

Jayme West has been around me for several years.  She would like to tell her story that is frankly astounding that she is alive :

“The discovery of an inoperable malignant brain tumor blocking the canal that drains fluid out of my brain launched a 13 year faith filled journey for my family and myself. I had only lived three years and six months on the earth when my parents were told the results of my MRI. ‘There’s nothing that can be done,’ the doctor said. Mom’s knees buckled as she almost fainted into my Dad’s arms. Dad told mom, ‘The doctor should have said there is nothing that he can do for Jayme. Have faith, with God all things are possible.’ The Path for my healing was clearly set as a path of faith. It was March 30, 1990 when my miracle journey of healing began.  To have her speak and share her story contact her through: