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Christian Writer -Dr Scott Young, an Audiologist, has degrees in Audiology and English.  He has researched World War II for most of his life as well as Biblical Eschatology since 1982.

Christian Writer Dr Scott Young

Dr Scott Young, an Audiologist in Tulsa has been a WWII researcher for decades. 23 years of Audiology practice has allowed him to contact many Holocaust survivors.  He started college at UNC in Greeley, Colorado, as a Vocal Performance major and quickly realized that that direction was not his.  Switching to English and Deaf Education made sense at the time but God had other plans.  He went back for his Master then Doctorate at Arizona School of Health in Phoenix for Audiology.  He is a left and right brain thinker which can be quirky for some who talk to him but he knows how to teach and present in public in ways that are completely understandable.  He has completed many presentations on various subjects, been a Bible Study leader for more than a decade, sang more than 100 solos and been on stage for other singing events.

His first published work, THE VIOLIN’S SECRET, is a fictional work regarding a young boy’s experience in the camps. SINGING IN THE MIND, his second book, is non-fiction and comes out of his singing/songwriting passion combined with singing research. His wife, Wendy, also contributes in writing and to Hearing Solution Centers with their son. He is currently writing three other books all in states of “disrepair” which means that each need updates. One book Christian Writer- Dr Scott Young wrote is a Christian Fiction novel has of an atheist professor who steps back and meets Jesus called PROFESSOR IN HISTORY . The last one is a coalition with Jeff Swanson Ministries regarding the End Times and the Millennial Reign of Christ which is called FORETOLD book one and two.

Did you know that Dr. Scott Young had Dyslexia with a stuttering disorder and coordination difficulties? He loved to play basketball as much as most inner city kids hungry for the NBA, which helped greatly in his coordination difficulties.

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