Dr. Scott Young, an Audiologist in Tulsa has been a WWII researcher for decades. 23 years of a practicing Audiologist has allowed him to contact many Holocaust survivors. His first published work, THE VIOLIN’S SECRET, is a fictional work regarding the Holocaust and a young boy who lives through it. His second work, SINGING IN THE MIND, is non-fiction describing how singing affects one’s emotional, mental and spiritual nature. PROFESSOR IN HISTORY details a professor who walks back in time meeting Jesus. FORETOLD book one and two are his first foray into a series upon the Biblical end times and the Millennial Reign of Christ.

He also has sung more than a hundred solos in front of as large of a group as 1500 people and has also sung on stage with many worship teams for numerous years. He is researching how Young Living Oils might affect patients with Tinnitus (hearing symptom) as well.read more

Nazi Germany was horrifying, especially to a young boy. Ernst grew up during the most turbulent, frightful, and destructive time in history. What we take for granted, for him, would have challenge his very core-his heart, soul, mind, and spirit.read more
Jeff Swanson with his PlanBible.com came to him to create a fictional work about the Millennial Reign of Christ. Both Jeff and Scott have studied the End Times since the summer of 1982 when they both read non-fictional works. Both study more of Scripture to glean what the Lord has to say. Revelation has an interesting comment in chapter one stating that all who read and understand it will have a special blessing from the Lord. They have taken that seriously and work on Eschatology whenever they get together to watch football or hangout.

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